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Conventional PCB assembly & wave soldering

Complementary to our surface mount production facility, we are fully equipped to deal with conventional (or through hole) PCB components.

This type of PCB can be either mixed technology (SM and conventional) or purely conventional.

Assemblies can be either leaded or lead-free and our throughput was boosted in December 2006 with the introduction of a Blundell CMS400 wave soldering machine running lead-free tin copper solder. The machine uses a pallet conveyor and unusual PCB profiles can be entertained with bespoke pallets that can be manufactured from customers’ PCB Gerber data.

Despite the wholesale change from conventional to surface mount components, Simtek recognises that due to performance or heat dissipation reasons, conventional components and the associated manufacturing processes will always be a necessity.

Simtek is therefore committed to supply this type of assembly as part of the complete range of electronic manufacturing services provided.


Blundell CMS400 Lead Free Wave soldering machine
Cropmatic component lead cutting machine
Robotas Mascot laser guided component placement machine

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The company has also recently gained certification to the ISO 13485 medical equipment manufacturing quality standard further enhancing the ISO 9001 certificate held for over 8 years...

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