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Sourcing and procurement of all components is undertaken in house to ensure that costs are controlled and that the customer gains true value. Supply sources are under constant revue to ensure cost effective solutions are not compromised by either quality or performance.

Local, national or offshore suppliers are used dependant upon specifications laid down within the customer’s requirements. If it is the case that a more cost effective offshore component source is available, then Simtek have contacts, experience and trading history in these areas.
Simtek operates SAP Business One software on its’ local network.


SAP Business One is SAP’s business software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that integrates customer relations management (CRM) with financial and logistics modules.

Business One contains 14 "core modules":

  1. Administration Module = where configuration is performed
  2. Financials Module = where various accounting and financial activities are conducted
  3. Sales Opportunities Module = where existing customers and potential amounts are structured tracking
  4. Sales Module = where orders are entered, shipped and invoiced
  5. Purchasing Module = where purchase orders are issued and goods received into inventory
  6. Business Partners Module = where Business Partners (customers, vendors, and leads) are contacted and maintained
  7. Banking Module = where cash is received and paid out
  8. Inventory Module = where Inventory is valued and managed
  9. Production Module = where bill of materials is defined and manufacturing is tracked
  10. MRP Module = where purchase and production planning takes place
  11. Service Module = where after-service product are managed
  12. Human Resources Module = where employee information is kept
  13. Reports Module = where user-defined reports are generated (as printouts or Excel files)
  14. E-commerce= allowing customers to buy and sell online to consumers or other businesses.

RoHS compliance is ensured through the inventory tracking module which is used to flag all components that comply with the regulations. This information is automatically transferred to the Bill of Material (BOM) so that the RoHS status of any assembly can be checked instantaneously.

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The company has also recently gained certification to the ISO 13485 medical equipment manufacturing quality standard further enhancing the ISO 9001 certificate held for over 8 years...

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