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Ultra-sonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a process used to join two plastic parts together without using glue or fasteners. The method uses vibrational energy to melt the interface between the two parts, which are carefully deigned to maximize the joint strength. Because there is no cure time involved and no extra components required, the process is very fast and produces a joint which is as strong as the material that the parts are moulded from.
Primarily Simtek uses ultrasonic welding to join battery case halves together, but the process can be used for a variety of other mechanical assemblies where the cost of complex mould tools can be offset by using a combination of relatively simple components.

Customised sonotrode and nest tooling can be manufactured to suit individual customer requirements and advice and guidance can be given as to the joint designs required.

Simtek uses a pencil ultrasonic tool specifically for the swaging of retaining pins used to hold PCB assemblies into case parts. This is primarily used in automotive and telecoms products on fairly simple circuits that are to be permanently retained in their housings.


Telsonic 2500 ultrasonic welder 3kW 20kHz
Telsonic 2500 ultrasonic welder 2kW 20kHz
Telsonic 1450 ultrasonic welder 2kW 20kHz
Rinco GM70-100 Ultrasonic Welder with HW70-3 pencil tool

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The company has also recently gained certification to the ISO 13485 medical equipment manufacturing quality standard further enhancing the ISO 9001 certificate held for over 8 years...

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